Dreamology Book Review

Book: Dreamology

Author: Lucy Keating


Summary: Love is a dream. Then you wake up. For as long as Alice can remember, she has dreamed of Max. Max is the boy of her dreams-and only her dreams. Until the morning she finds him sitting next to her in class, very much alive.

As Alice and Max get to know each other all over again, Alice learns that Real Max is nothing like Dream Maz. He’s complicated and stubborn and has a whole life Alice isn’t apart of.

When their dreams start interfering with their waking hours, Alice and Max have to find a way to make them stop. But when you fall in love in you dreams, reality ever be enough?

Review: (Non-spoilery) I was definitely enthralled by the idea of the book. I picked it up because I had heard of it a lot and seen it a lot. I didn’t go into the book knowing very much which was for the best. I’m super happy that I was shocked and surprised with all the twists and turns.

Characters: The characters bothered me quite a lot. They both lacked communication skills that dragged on the book way longer than it needed to be. Both of them were also quite one dimensional. I didn’t gain any knowledge as them as people, they were so obsessed with each other there were no other factors. If I could have learned something about them that made relatable, I think I would have enjoyed them more.

Plot: I genuinely liked the plot. It was engaging it had many different factors. The ending wasn’t as good as I expected and it seemed a little too drawn out. The romance was okay, it wasn’t too believable. The characters weren’t very good diming that actual chemistry, but there were some cute scenes between the two that I enjoyed. I also loved the dream scenes. Those were so cute, but the dream scenes didn’t make sense and didn’t represent the characters.

Writing Style: Lucy Keating’s writing style was quite basic but it flowed nicely creating a nice story. She has a way with very emotional scenes. I felt with the characters. Overall her writing style was clear and flowed. Her writing style made it a very easy and fast read book.

I enjoyed this book. The idea was very intriguing and it made for a nice fast paced book. If you are just getting into contemporaries and romance, I would recommend this. If you are looking for more of an advanced and challenging book, I wouldn’t recommend this to you.

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